Arno building

The history of Arno

In the early 1940s, leather straps and ropes were the most common means to secure loads. In many cases this worked just fine, but Arne Norman sometimes encountered problems when the holes on the straps didn’t correspond with the size of what he wanted strap down. The idea for a self-locking buckle was born and Arne started to design what was to become the first Arno-Strap – A lightweight strap which could be tightened to just the right length, regardless of application. The vision to replace the unwieldy leather straps stayed with Arne, and he had a tool built to manufacture his buckles on a large scale. The ARNO® brand was founded in 1942, laying the foundation for the straps that we manufacture today.

After almost 80 years in the industry, our product range has developed and changed so that it now comprises products within several areas:

  • Lashings and straps with woven text or logo
  • Straps and lashings of standard type
  • Individually adapted straps
  • Webbing on rolls
  • Heavy duty lashings
  • Lifting products
  • Tape

Our philosophy

Over the years our strong ARNO® brand has become synonymous with optimum service and top quality. Our long-term aim is always to meet our customers’ needs and we are therefore continually expanding and developing our product range so that we can be as complete a supplier as possible.

Our watchwords are:

  • Quality: We manufacture and sell products that we are proud of and want to use ourselves. Moreover, we have our own testing equipment to ensure the quality of both our subcomponents and finished products. You can read more about our quality management HERE.
  • Flexibility: Our plant in Kristinehamn has its own weaving mill and assembly, which guarantees short lead times and maximum flexibility. In combination with our Chinese plant and external suppliers, we create positive synergy effects which facilitate the production of large volumes as well as small series and special products.
  • Experience: Long experience gives us a high level of knowledge – about the products we manufacture and sell, as well as the materials and machinery we work with. The manufacturing process entails craftsmanship which sometimes requires finesse, and this is something our production staff possess, along with impressive professional experience.
Group photo production crew
Weaving mill
Group photo assembly and sewing
Assembly and sewing


Arno-Remmen’s founder Arne Norman is born.


The first Arno buckle is manufactured, and Arne Norman Bandindustri is set up in Grycksbo, Dalarna.



Arno supplies 500,000 ski straps, a new sales record.


Arne Norman establishes Arno LTD, Ireland.


The new metal buckle is designed and patented.



Arno moves to new premises in Kristinehamn, Värmland.


Generational change! Arne Norman hands over the reins to his son Per-Arne who becomes the new head of Arno-Remmen.


The business in Ireland is sold in order to focus on operations in Sweden.


The first delivery to Volvo Cars



Investments in new CAD technology for weaving. ARNO becomes ISO certified according to 9001 and 14001 as one of the first companies in the industry.


The third generation continues to move forward – Carl-Fredrik Norman takes over the role as CEO.



Arno develops its range and launches its own lifting products: hoists, roundsling, wires etc.



The first delivery is shipped to end consumers from the Chinese production plant.


Carl-Fredrik Norman is named as businessman of the year in Kristinehamn Municipality.



Arno-Remmen moves to new premises at Gustavsviks industrial estate in Kristinehamn. The production area is doubled, enabling future expansion.


In collaboration with JPS Global Inc., Arno-Remmen takes action to launch the JQ cable straps in North America.