Regarding customer website logins

We have received some questions about logging in to the new website and therefore want to take the opportunity to clarify a few things:

  • If you have had a login on our old website then, unfortunately, we have to announce that this is no longer valid. If you want to have a user account on our new website you need to register again. It is also possible to submit quotation requests without having a registered account. The difference then is that you have to fill in your information again each time you submit a request.
  • Being an existing customer and having a user account on the website is not the same. You can be an existing customer without having a user account on the website. We will never transfer any private information from your user account to our business system, or vice versa, without your permission. The account on the website is completely voluntary and is only used so that you can get a simple overview of the products you have requested. You only become a customer when you make a purchase with us. The information we record about you and your company when you become a customer is used only for the purpose of managing your order and to provide you with the best possible service. It may also be legally justified for us to save certain information, for example in order to comply with legal requirements or guarantee obligations. You can read more about our handling of personal data here.

We hope that this website change will be positive in the long run. Please let us know if you encounter any errors that we need to sort out.

Thank’s for your time,
Team Arno

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